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Dr. Greg Swan, Residential Faculty

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All my online courses will open 1-12-15.  You can start early at

Saturday 1-17-15 is the official start date for online courses. 
My classroom-based course (SBU200) starts Tuesday, January 20th.


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Make sure you receive email related to your courses.  Follow these instructions to activate "Maricopa Mail" and forward it to your email box:


Description: 2015 Online Courses   

GBS205 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

Required text:

GBS205 Online: Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Environment of Business, v. 1.0.11

By: Don Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel and Jethro K. Lieberman

Version: 1.0.11

Pub Date: August 2014

eISBN: 978-1-4533-6684-4

Pages: 810

Look at the book:

Purchase the book:


Explanation of the different Textbookbook options: I made the decision to move away from a traditional textbook ($350 for a new hardcover) and work with an alternative custom text from Flat World costing as little as $24.  The alternative text is reasonably well-written and looks sharp online.  You have a choice of three format options:

1.      Study Pass $24.  Has everything you need, but you can only access it through a browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox.  Active Internet connection required.

2.      Digital All Access Pass $42.  Includes the Study Pass and also pdf and epub versions of the book so you can put it on your smart phone, tablet, ebook reader, etc.  No Internet connection required once you download the ebook.  The epub and pdf ebook formats also allow you to use apps that allow for highlighting and easy searching of the book. 

3.      Black and White Print Textbook $69.  Includes the Study Pass and the All access pass plus a printed copy of the text.  In my opinion, the printed version of the text is a little bit ugly because it is black-and-white and printed on relatively thick paper.  It looks and feels like the metropolitan phonebook.  Also, the font is a bit smaller than I would like.  However, if you like a printed text, you’ll want to go with the print option.  While you wait for your book to be printed and arrive in the mail, you can use one of the electronic formats they give you for free with this option.  That way, you won’t get behind in the course if you order the print option.

Course syllabus: here.  (If you need it, Adobe Reader software for viewing the pdf file may be found here:


SSH111 Sustainable Cities

Special Note for SSH111 students:

Our meeting the weekend of January 24th is canceled.  An error in the class schedule listed the meeting as Saturday, January 20th instead of Saturday January 24th.  To avoid confusion, I am canceling the meeting.


Required Texts (in order used):

1.      Gonick, Cartoon Guide to the Environment.  ISBN: 9780062732743  Cost is $16.99 for a retail new paperback.  There is no ebook.  Order this one immediately or stop by the bookstore now.  Link to Amazon for the book.

2.      Ross, Bird on Fire: Lessons from the World’s Least Sustainable City. ISBN: 978-0199975525.  Cost is $17.96 for a retail new paperback.  Ebook runs about $12. 

3.      Brand, Whole Earth Discipline: An Eco-Pragmatist Manifesto.  ISBN: 9780143118282  Cost is $16.00 for a retail new paperback. Ebook runs about $13.

4.      Steffen, Worldchanging Revised and Updated edition.  ISBN: 0810997460.  Cost is $24.95 for a retail new paperback.

Course availability: This online course will be open at least one week before the official start of class.  Go to  Login with your MEID  and password.  Click on the Courses drop-down list and select SSH111.  (See my.maricopa for information on the MEID.)

Course syllabus: Course syllabus is here.  (If you need it, Adobe Reader software for viewing the pdf file may be found here:





Description:, 2015 Classroom-Based Courses   


SBU200 Society and Business

Required Texts (in order used):


  1. Martenson, Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future of Our Economy, Energy and Environment, ISBN: 9780470927649. Cost is $27.95 new retail hardcover. The ebook runs around $16. 
  2. Chang, 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism ISBN: 9781608193387  Cost is $16.00 new retail paperback. The ebook runs around $16. 
  3. I make an effort to keep the course as current as possible.  As a result, one additional trade paperback book or a few online video rentals (think Amazon or Google streaming video) may be required.  Price for additional materials, if used, will be in the price range of those listed above.

Course availability: This classroom course has an online course support site that will be open at least by the official class start date (1/20).  Go to  Login with your MEID. Click on the Courses drop-down list and select SBU200.  (See my.maricopa for information on the MEID and password.)

Course syllabus: here. (If you need it, software for viewing the pdf file may be found here: